Women’s History Month Spotlight: Amy Ruiz

Voices for Children | CASA of St. Louis recognizes March as Women’s History Month. In honor of women’s contributions they make in our communities, Voices for Children | CASA of St. Louis is highlighting various female members of our team who work day in and day out to represent children’s best interests in court and in the community.

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Meet Board Member Amy Ruiz! Amy has been a part of the Voices for Children Board of Directors for a year and was serving on the Program Committee prior to joining the Board.

Serving children in need is something near to Amy’s heart. She believes that every child deserves to be loved and feel safe. Amy says that if she can help make that happen in any way, she’s ‘ALL IN!’ For Amy, the most rewarding aspect of being a board member is seeing the results of our efforts making a difference in children’s lives. She is passionate about sharing the mission of Voices with the community, helping to find volunteers to serve children in foster care.

Amy grew up moving around the world which has instilled in her a love for traveling and an appreciation for learning about others who are different from her. No matter where they were living, Amy’s parents were strong believers in serving their community. Amy hopes to instill that same love of service and giving to others in her son.

By day, Amy is a Senior Director of Pharma Account Management with Express Scripts. While there, she has been a fantastic ambassador of Voices, helping to arrange opportunities for Voices to speak to Express Scripts’ employees which has led to the recruitment of more CASA volunteers!

Express Scripts is also serving as a generous sponsor for our upcoming gala on April 26.

Thanks to Amy for all she does
in being an awesome champion for Voices!

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