We’ve Changed Our Name to CASA of St. Louis. But Our Passion is Still Advocacy.

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What’s in a Name?

Companies and organizations change their names for various reasons, such as mergers and acquisitions, change of ownership, or responding to a transitioning industry landscape. Renaming an organization can also serve to better reflect their core benefit, services, and value proposition; a change can bring the name into alignment with the company’s mission, culture, and philosophy.

The Move from Voices for Children to CASA of St. Louis

CASA of St. Louis (STLCASA) is engaging in a branding and awareness campaign to help us better tell our story and connect with the St. Louis community and educate them on our advocacy.

The goals of the new campaign are to align our current brand identity with that of the National CASA Association, increase the brand visibility of our CASA volunteers and our team of child welfare professionals that support them while also raising public awareness about the state of our region’s most vulnerable children.

The campaign development process, which started in August 2018, culminated this spring with an unveiling on Friday, April 26 during the Voices for Children | CASA of St. Louis Annual Gala.

Why the Identity Change

  1. The CASA brand is unique and special
    When we’re out in the community and explain to people who have some knowledge of CASA advocacy they ask, “Are you like CASA?” and we say, “We ARE CASA!” We wanted to get CASA back into our identity to help with these perceptions.

  2. We’re in Great Company – it’s time to fall in line
    Our umbrella program (The National CASA Association) is launching a national branding campaign to help tell the CASA story. The standards of this new awareness campaign ‘demands’ that organizations nearly 950 member programs visually connect. We couldn’t make that connection effectively with our previous logo, colors and icons.

  3. The net effect: Adapting a stronger CASA brand will benefit those for whom we advocate and with whom we are most aligned: children and youth in foster care
    While St. Louis is home to more than 400 child welfare agencies, STLCASA is the only CASA Member Program serving St. Louis’ 1,700 children and youth in foster care. It is imperative that we set our organization apart and highlight the unique nature of our advocacy.

Consistency Counts

The more consistent we are in how we create our brand, and the campaigns within it, the more recognizable and identifiable our brand will be, and the more likely that current and prospective constituents will retain and recall it.

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