A Message from our Gala Keynote Speakers Clint Zweifel and Janice Smith

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Dearest Friends,

Janice and I are excited to be delivering the keynote address at this year’s Voices for Children/CASA of St. Louis Gala on Friday, April 26th at the Chase Park Plaza.

 For both of us—and our daughters—this is very personal. Voices for Children/CASA of St. Louis means so much to our family personally—we served as foster parents for our daughters before the adoption, and the CASA volunteer on their case played a critical role in making sure the girls received the services they needed.

 Our family understands firsthand how Voices for Children/CASA of St. Louis makes a difference in the lives of our community’s most vulnerable youth. Think about it. We often take for granted having someone who is always on our side when we are young. Someone who will always stand up for us. An advocate. That’s what CASA does every year for thousands of children who have no other person thinking of anything but their best interests.

 It’s a powerful idea that not only helps these children, but also has huge implications for what we have to do to be successful as a region—get personally involved and take responsibility for helping those who need it most.

 The Annual Gala is Voices for Children/CASA of St. Louis’ largest annual fundraising event, and the all the money raised helps support the advocacy services that every child in foster care needs. With your help we can come closer to realizing the goal. Click below to sponsor the event, purchase a table or individual tickets, or make a contribution.

Yes, there is an ask: We consider it a personal honor to be part of this event and we would love to count you among the 400 guests who attend and among the hundreds of supporters who help ensure that children in foster care have CASA volunteers standing by their sides and advocating for the support and services they need to heal from the trauma of abuse and neglect. Please consider making a contribution today. By getting personally involved, we our lifting up and creating opportunity for our next generation.

Thank you for your attention and we hope to see you at the Chase on Friday, April 26th!

Clint and Janice

Beth FultzComment