Joy In July


Children and youth in foster care often have many of their decisions made for them. Where they live. Where they go to school. If and when they will see their family. Imagine having little to no control over the most basic aspects of your life. Naturally, it can feel overwhelming, frustrating, and disheartening to feel like no decision is your own. It can quickly feel as if things are spiraling out of control.

Oftentimes we think of cars, dolls, teddy bears, diapers or clothes when it comes to providing gifts and necessities for children. While all of these are certainly important, one of the greatest gifts we can provide for children and youth in foster care is the gift of choice and the ability to make a decision for themselves, even when it is as simple as picking out a new toy or outfit.  It is a luxury that many simply have never experienced.

In addition, for older youth learning to live on their own as young adults, gift cards help with basic necessities such as groceries and household supplies. Knowing the ‘basics’ are accounted for allows them to focus on other areas such as personal, educational, and/or job development and growth.

This July, let’s make it JOYFUL! Please join CASA of St. Louis in providing gift cards for children and youth in care. We will be collecting gift cards for Walmart, Target, or Amazon. Egift cards can be emailed to or mail a physical card to CASA of St. Louis, 105 S Central Ave, Clayton, MO 63105. Prefer to make a cash donation to be used for the purchase of gift cards? Text ‘Give’ to (314) 310-6123 and select ‘Joyful July’.

Thank you for your continued support in making sure children and youth in our community have access to resources that allow them to know their value and reach their full potential!

Beth FultzComment