We're looking to create a doctor, but we need your help!

Join us on May 2nd!


On Give STL Day, your gifts will send a local child to the Congress of Future Medical Leaders  this June, in Boston, MA!

Voices for Children is delighted to be taking part in Give STL Day, a 24-hour giving event on Wednesday, May 2, 2018, featuring individual micro-campaigns from over 900 area nonprofits.

Organized by the century-old Greater Saint Louis Community Foundation, Give STL Day is part of a larger national campaign featuring foundations from all over the country. 

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This year, with your help we are committed to making Give STL Day even more special by supporting a very specific request the Voices for Children Angel Fund. 

The Voices for Children's Angel support small dreams of foster children we represent. Usually, these dreams are things like iPods, dance lessons, or a summer camp experience. Occasionally a child gets an extra special opportunity to do something that allows him or her to dream big.










Donations must be made from Midnight-11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, May 2, 2018!



Voices create a doctor:

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We will highlight select stories on 5.2.2018 during Give STL day.

Meet Tiffany, 15

Coming into care after protecting her siblings during an unfortunate altercation, Tiffany is a young woman for whom Voices is currently advocating. Despite her unfortunate circumstances, she has achieved extreme academic success!

An honor-student and award-winning AJROTC cadet, Tiffany has been nominated by her school and invited to attend the Congress for Future Medical Leaders.  

Why do you want to be a neurosurgeon?
"In my family there are a lot of people that have Huntington’s disease. I may have to get tested for it myself. That’s why I want to learn about neurology. Also, When I was in first grade there was a janitor who would call me the little entrepreneur and he told me that I should become a neurosurgeon."

What would it mean to you to if he were to attend this program?
"This would be a great experience and opportunity for me to expand my knowledge about science and learn and meet the best in the medical field."


About the Congress of Future Medical Leaders

This three-day event is a  historic gathering of the Nation’s Great Medical Leaders of this Generation…..and the Next.


  • During the Congress, students will view surgery and have an opportunity to submit questions for the surgeon to answer in real time during the procedure.
  • They will learn about state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and be inspired by world-changing researchers, futurists, and technologists.
  • They will feel the transformative energy of being surrounded by other young stars just like them: America’s best and brightest – the future of medicine.
  • They will make long-term friendships with those who share their dreams and passion – other young people who want to make a difference in the world and devote their future to saving lives and being part of the exponential advances in medicine that never before could have been imagined.

Future Doctor And Award Winning Cadet

Tiffany holds a 99% average in her local JROTC class – which places her academically as the #2 cadet in her 110-person class.


winner of The Air Commando Association Award

This annual award is presented to JROTC cadets who most closely exemplify the 13 critical attributes of success for Air Commandos. 

 The Air Commando Association congratulates these very deserving award winners and hopes this award helps raise the overall awareness and the critical contributions of our nation’s Air Force Special Operations Force. 


Presented to the top 5% of the overall class, the award is given to cadets with “Outstanding performance in a position of leadership as an AJROTC cadet in corps training activities.  Consistently displayed outstanding leadership ability above and beyond expected performance”