What is a CASA?


Imagine life for a child who has been removed from their home and separated from everything familiar to them. They suddenly find themselves surrounded by strangers: case workers, foster parents, lawyers, therapists.

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“I volunteer because no child should feel alone or lost in the system. Foster care can be difficult and scary for a child. They need to know that they have someone in their corner, looking out for their best interest.”

–CASA Volunteer

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Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) ensures that through the uncertainties, that child’s voice is heard and their needs remain a priority. CASA volunteers provide a stable, consistent adult presence in the lives of children effected by abuse and neglect advocating for their best interest in the court and the community. As a professional member of the child’s team, CASAs get to know the child while also gathering information from those involved in the child’s life in order to make informed recommendations to the court about what is best for the child.


  • Spend less time in foster care

  • More likely to have a stable, consistent adult presence while in care

  • More likely to find a safe, permanent home

  • Receive more services


  • Visiting the child(ren) at least once a month in their placement

  • Communicating regularly with members of the team

  • Gathering and documenting information

  • Making oral and written recommendations on what is in the best interest of the child(ren) to the court

Upcoming preservice Training Classes

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