Honoring the Memory of Former President, George H.W. Bush

On Friday, February 17, 1989 former President George H.W. Bush spoke to several thousand students inside of a Washington University field house and urged Americans to become more committed to voluntary efforts and shared what would become one of his most impactful quotes:


"From now on in America any definition of a successful life must include serving others."

Former President, George H.W. Bush

Today, St. Louis is home to more than 1,700 fostered youth. For us, this is unacceptable. Our dedicated team of child advocacy attorneys, social work professionals and support staff, serves nearly 650 children and youth and supervises over 330 CASA Volunteers.

As the nation reflects on the life of former President George H.W. Bush, we are reminded of his commitment to selfless service and the desire to step outside of ourselves and serve others. The call to serve our country and fellow man was a centerpiece of his presidency and his life. It was from the White House that he founded Points of Light, which has evolved into the largest nonprofit, non-partisan organization dedicated to promoting the power of individuals to create change.

We invite you to consider joining our team of more than 250 CASA Volunteers. CASA volunteers change the lives of abused children, helping them move from foster care to a safe, stable home while getting the services and support they need for a chance at a brighter future.

“Every problem that the country faces is being solved in some community by some group of some individual. The question is how to get connected so that the whole nation can solve problems. A volunteer is a person who can see what others cannot see; who can feel what most do not feel. Often, such gifted persons do not think of themselves as volunteers, but as citizens – citizens in the fullest sense; partners in civilization.”

Beth FultzComment